Minimally Invasive Vision
Correction In Virginia

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Dulles Eye Associates is committed to ensuring that our patients and staff remain as safe and healthy as possible. If you have an upcoming appointment with us, please review the following directions:

  1. Please do not bring any children to the appointment. 
  2. Anyone accompanying the patient should stay in the car, unless patient is in a wheelchair.
  3. We will be checking your temperature. 
  4. Please wear a face mask to your appointment 
  5. Wait in your car until we call you to come inside our office 

Please do not come to the office and call us if you have the following conditions:

  1. You or member of your family have traveled outside of the U.S in the last 14 days.
  2. If you have been in contact with a person who was confirmed to have COVID-19 or is currently sick.
  3. If you have a fever, cough, or shortness of breath.



Clear Vision Today

Our Doctors at Dulles Eye Associates are known for using an individualized approach while treating various eye conditions. All the procedures are conducted while using high tech and accurate instruments. We focus on the safest course to a fast recovery in a comfortable, safe, and calm environment. You will receive full medical treatment from our clinical team starting at diagnosis and continuing through postoperative follow-up. Our mission is to help people improve thier quality of life by improving their vision.

Advanced Cataract Surgery

Cataracts are the most common cause of vision loss and the principal cause of blindness in the world. Our surgeons provide cutting edge micro-incisional cataract surgery. We offer minimally invasive outpatient surgery and top-of-the-line lens technology including astigmatism correction lenses and multifocal lenses.

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All Laser Lasik

The Fs200 iLaser Flap Technology & Wavelight Allegretto Laser (A+ Lasik) is the most advanced and modern design laser for vision correction today. At Dulles Eye Associates, we believe that along with the best surgeons and compassionate care, we have to offer the best technology to our patients.

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Eye Examinations

We are a full-service eye care center. Our doctors examine patients of all ages. Our eye examinations aim at assessing vision and ability to focus on and discern objects. Regular check-ups can help in detecting potentially treatable eye diseas es or an ocular manifestation of a disease and much more.

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Quality Eye Care For Everyone

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A Smooth Journey To Restoring Your Vision

Dulles Eye Associates is a comprehensive eye care practice. A few of the services we provide include annual eye exams, contact lens fitting, LASIK eye surgery, expert custom LASIK and other ophthalmological services.

We cater to patients of all ages and welcome children to our practice. We offer evaluation and management of pediatric eye conditions, such as amblyopia (Lazy Eye). In addition, we offer quality eyewear including sunglasses and computer glasses, as well as contact lenses.

We strive to provide our patients with the highest level of care and are committed to bringing quality products to our patients.

Incision-free laser surgery in Northern Virginia